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Introductory Social Membership

This category is "ageless"  and is for singles as well as families, designated partner and children under 18, who are living at the same address.  This membership is for non-boaters but renting a rack is allowed for a kayak, stand up paddleboard or windsurfer. Crewing on race nights and volunteering  on committees are great ways to meet other members.

If the Social member decides to become a boat owner, they would be required to change categories. A social membership would be suitable for current members who are no longer boating or are aging out of the intermediate category. When upgrading to a full membership, you would then have a vote at our membership meetings, can serve on the Board or Bridge, and would receive reciprocal privileges. 
  • Initiation: $500
  • Annual Dues: $575
  • Food & Beverage Quarterlies: $150
A Social Membership includes a spouse or designate living at the same address, and children under the age of 18.

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