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Our Coaches


Matthew Robertson:

Matthew Robertson enters into his third year with RHYC Youth Sailing entering the position of Head-Coach. Matthew began sailing in the CANSail 1/2 program at the age of 9 and spent all his summer’s on the water from that point forward. With his 6 years of racing experience, Matt’s goal for the summer is to provide a fun and safe environment to develop sailing skills and create a memorable experience for all participants. Matt hopes by doing so, he will be able to ignite the competitive spirit in sailors and encourage growth in their confidence and identity. Matthew is a student at Brock University in the Concurrent Teacher Education program.

  Christine Hutton:

The Royal Hamilton Junior Sailing Program brings a new energy to the yacht club each and every summer. With instructors organizing games and activities on the front lawn, lifeguards offering swimming lessons, the race coaches running warm ups, workouts and morning exercises, enthusiasm can be found all around the waterfront.

Heading into her sixth summer as a coach, Christine Hutton will be returning to the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club.

Eddie Kristofferson:

Eddie Kristofferson is your 420 CANSail 1/2 Instructor for the 2019 season returning in his third year as a coach! Eddie is excited for a fun summer on the water!


Drake McGillivray:

Drake McGillivray is the Opti CANSail 1/2 Instructor for the 2019 season returning in his second year as a coach! Drake attends Carleton University.