Full Member Categories

Membership at the Royal Hamilton Yacht club provides you full access to club and her facilities. As a member you receive a vote at the Annual General Meeting, as a member of the club with a boat, you receive two votes at the Annual General Meeting. The initiation is a one time fee. Membership allows you reciprocal privileges at other clubs the RHYC is associated with. A list of clubs is listed on our website. Children and dependence under the age of 18 are included in the membership.

Membership Application Form

  • Initiation: $500 
  • Annual Dues: $879
  • Food & Beverage Quarterly Minimum: $150
  • Initiation: $500 
  • Annual Dues: $1,256
  • Food & Beverage Quarterly Minimum: $150
  • Initiation: $500
  • Annual Dues: $413
  • Food & Beverage Quarterly Minimum: $75
To support student attending school full time
  • Annual Dues: $251
Able sailors in any of the above age groups 
  • Initiation: 50% off 
  • Annual Dues: 50% off
  • Food & Beverage Quarterly Minimum: same amount as in age group
As an Intermediate Member you’ll receive full membership privileges which means full use of the restaurant and bar, special rates at our youth & adult learn-to-sail program, and our private rooms for business meetings or those special family gatherings and much more. Our many Social events throughout the year bring members and their families together both on and off the water. Enjoying a live band on the patio overlooking the water with friends and family is an ideal way to wind down a hectic week. 

The $40 for Ages 39 & under program for members 39 years of age and under. Members of this payment program are considered full members.  The payment includes the initiation spread over 5 years and the annual membership fees.

The food & beverage minimum is $75 per quarter. It is the same membership as the Ages: 19-39. If you turn 40 years of age during the membership year, you will move to the next membership category.

Here’s how:
The small print: You’ll pay $40ish a month and that will cover your annual dues and initiation fee* and there’s a small food and beverage minimum each quarter. Some other restrictions may apply so call 905-528-8464 x221 to arrange for a tour and get the rest of the story about how to take advantage of this special $40 for Ages 39 & Under.

*Note: all remaining monies owed on the $500 Initiation Fee must be paid when moving to 40-64 age category.
A Junior Member has full access to the club and facilities. The membership does not include a vote or reciprocal privileges and is an individual membership. The greatest benefit for joining the club as a Junior Member is after 10 years of belonging to the club, a Junior Member does not pay initiation to continue with the club. 
  • Ages: 18 and younger
  • Dues: $251

Other Membership Categories

This category is "ageless"  and is for singles as well as families, designated partner and children under 18, who are living at the same address.  This membership is for non-boaters but renting a rack is allowed for a kayak, stand up paddleboard or windsurfer. Crewing on race nights and volunteering  on committees are great ways to meet other members.

If the Social member decides to become a boat owner, they would be required to change categories. A social membership would be suitable for current members who are no longer boating or are aging out of the intermediate category. When upgrading to a full membership, you would then have a vote at our membership meetings, can serve on the Board or Bridge, and would receive reciprocal privileges. 
  • Initiation: $500
  • Annual Dues: $619
  • Food & Beverage Quarterlies: $150 
A Social Membership includes a spouse or designate living at the same address, and children under the age of 18.
A non-resident member refers to a person who resides and works outside a 75km radius of the Club. While a non-resident is considered a full member, this member does not have the same opportunity to use the club due to the proximity to the club. 
  • Annual Dues: $376
As a Crew Member participating in club racing, access to the club is limited to Tuesday and Thursdays evenings during the racing season. In addition, the crew member is invited to participate in any regatta sponsored by the RHYC. Crew hasn’t any reciprocal to other club or may bring guests to the club. 
  • Annual Dues: $124
The Learn to Sail membership is a 6 month membership with an adult dinghy or adult keel boat lesson included. After the first year, the membership would roll into a full membership category at the appropriate fees. A great advantage of learning to sail at the RHYC is your ability to join the Adopt-A-Boat program. The seasonal fee is $500 and you use the boats you learned to sail on. Please ask us for all the details. 
  • Annual Dues: $1,256
  • One Adult Learn to Sail Program included.