Dockage at RHYC

Hamilton Harbour is an exciting place to keep your boat. The view from our club is beautiful and peaceful. Our harbour is perfect for racing and day/evening sails. It is understandable why RHYC is in such demand.

Slip Agreement Form

We offer:
  • Wet Slips 
  • Drysail 
  • Dinghy Launch
  • Kayak, Canoe, Paddleboard Storage
  • Winter Liveaboard.
Our slip availability is limited.

Please contact our Harbourmaster for slip availability
905-528-8464 ext 225

Slip Fees


Boat Length  



Floating Docks    
Boats to Maximum 30ft LOA   $ 2502.00
Boats to Maximum 40ft LOA   $ 3046.00
Boats to Maximum 50ft LOA   $ 3699.00
Inner Basin Slips    
Boats to Maximum 20ft LOA   $ 1077.00
Boats to Maximum 25ft LOA   $ 1360.00
Boats to Maximum 24ft LOA (West Wall)   $ 1631.00
West Dry Sail    
Seasonal Storage ***    
Boats Under 22ft    $ 734.00
Boats 22ft and Over   $ 865.00
East Dry Sail    
Seasonal Storage ***    
Racks for Kayaks, Canoes, Paddle Boards & dinghies   $ 147.00
Dinghies under 16ft on Dolly or Small Trailer   $ 212.00
Lockers (Limited Number)   $ 935.00


Please Note:

  • ***Seasonal Storage is dependant on Launch and Haul Out.
  • All trailers and/or cradles must identify the owner and be properly marked.
  • Dry Sail areas boat space, dolly or small trailer permitted, not both.
  • Dock Boxes permitted only if space allows.
  • RHYC reserves the right to confirm boat lengths based on published literature or actual measurement, and base the fee on their assessment.


  • A deposit of $500 is required before January 31st, 2022 to reserve a slip
  • All slip renewal fees must be paid in full by March 31, 2022 

Please contact our Harbourmaster for more information        ***            905-528-8464 ext 225

555 Bay Street North, Hamilton ON L8L 1H1
T: 905 528 8464  F: 905 528 2622  E:

Winter Storage

Member Fees:
Winter Boat Storage $3.87/sqft
Mast Storage: Up to 29ft $190.00
Mast Storage: Over 30ft $259.00
Summer Cradle Storage $190.00
Boats on Trailers
Dinghies on Rack $125.00
Dinghies on Trailers $224.00
Boats under 23ft  $386.00
Boats 23ft to 30ft   $478.00
Boats 31ft and over $813.00
Summer Trailer Storage $369.00
For boats on trailers, if you choose to store your mast on the boat for winter storage, the length of the mast will be included in the determination of the overall length of the boat.          
Please note: Haul-out and Launch are weather dependent.  Launch Date will be finalized closer to launch. All fees listed do not include HST.
Mast Removal – Prior to launch